Polydict : Your Data Superhero

Polydict is designed to help you take full advantage of your data. Its many tools enable you to securely manage, interrogate, share, and automate your data.

Polydict Features - putting you in charge

A web application designed with flexibility and function at the forefront, Polydict's malleable application options allows you to develop and build your own functionality to get the most out of your data. It runs on any Windows Server with IIS and SQL installed.


Connect Polydict to your data, whether this be SQL, OleDB compliant databases, or even bespoke coded connections via third-party SDKs.


Allow third-party applications secure API access to your data via the configurable function sets

Essential CMS

Configure dynamic HTML utilising your own data to build powerful dashboards, intranet portals, and even complete websites.

Custom Data Tables

Build user-defined tables to store data not already held elsewhere in your data infrastructure

Custom Data Interfaces

Create web-enabled forms to enable users to access and update your connected and custom data.

Scheduled Tasks

Perform routine updates to data and send automated reports to users by scheduling your custom functions.

Data Synchronisation

Send record additions, updates and deletions between on-premise and cloud-based data endpoints.

So how can I use Polydict?

By combining each of the areas within Polydict you can build many different tools to help you run your business. Here are a few examples of how it has can be used, based upon real-life solutions already successfully implemented at our many clients.

Website to Accounts Solution Interconnectivity

With Polydict installed onto your corporate LAN and connections configured to your in-house accounts software (for example SAP Business One, Pegasus Opera 3, or Sage Line 50), API functions can enable the website to request up-to-date stock levels, pricing, order statuses, and receive new online orders directly back in to be processed.

Intranet Dashboards

Using data connections and CMS you can build powerful graphical reports and make them accessible for you key managers directly on their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers without the need for installing further apps.


Perhaps you don't want to clutter up your accounts software with your prospective client list. Create custom data tables and bespoke interfaces for allowing your sales team to add and update client information whilst they are out meeting new prospects. In addition you could create a bespoke read-only interface utilising an existing data connection to enable them to see live stock levels and pricing from your ERP data, and display images and drawings from your product library.

Scheduled Data Alerts

By building functions which retrieve key data at regular intervals, you can alert users to new orders, warn your buying team that you are low on stock, or perhaps advise your credit control team of customer debts which need chasing.

Full SharePoint Document Management and Invoice Authorisation

Utilise Microsoft 365 and Power Automate to store supplier invoices in SharePoint, sending the document for approval to corporate staff members, and then alert your accounts staff, via Microsoft Teams, of data entry being required. Use PolyDict to allow the approved document to be automatically entered as a draft document in your accounts solution.