Alan Moseley IT Consultancy

Permanent Consultancy

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Most companies start with a few pieces of IT equipment, and are able to call upon friends and relatives to help out with problems that they may encounter.  Eventually the company may grow to a size whereby they need a full-time IT support employee.  What does a company do when they lie somewhere in-between these two stages?  Many companies turn to an IT support company.  The problems with IT support companies are that they can never really understand your business, you may never see the same field technician twice, and that they in many cases are resellers of hardware and software, and would rather sell you their products rather than a product that is right for you.  I can offer you an alternative.  I can come into your business on a regular basis, and you can use my time as required.  As time passes I gain a good understanding of your business practices, and advise where time-savings can be made by the correct implementation of hardware and software.  My broad-base of knowledge will cover the majority of your company's requirements, and where it does not, I always know 'a man who can'.